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A sling is a projectile weapon typically used to throw a blunt projectile such as stone, marbles, or lead. It is also known as the shepherd's sling. Someone who specializes in using slings is called a slinger.

The sling has a  beige pouch and is designed for higher velocity, greater distance, and stronger hit power. Sling is 33" long,

The pouch, finger loop, and finger buttons are all made of genuine leather. Because the finger loop and buttons are made of leather, they provide a far more comfy grip and release than a traditional sling's corded loop & knot.
The pouch and finger loop is reinforced for durability with brass grommets (see photos) The cord is made from a sturdy Mil Spec 7 Strand Type III Nylon Parachute Cord
In this listing,  desert camo cords 



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