Fire Piston Reviews

I highly recommend this company and it's fire piston. The fire piston looks great and it is rather easy to make an ember with it. It also comes with extra o-rings and a good amount of char-cloth. The customer service is excellent and the owner does everything that he can do to make sure that you are taken care of if you have any questions or issues.

Joseph S
Hubbard, Ohio 3/28/2023
I recently purchased your fire piston and the damn thing works! What a great product.
I always feel like the air pressure in the shaft is going to make the thing explode as I slam the air down into the chamber. Like the shooting 2 atoms at each other at light speed and will it cause a black hole or something... ha

But it worked the first time i tried it and this will come in handy on my next adventures outdoors.

Again, great product and thank you for good service!

Wheresthekaboom  3/25/2023



We had a superb customer service experience. 
We had issues getting it to work correctly, and emailed asking for help. Mike responded quickly and walked us through everything. Very highly recommend. Great product and great customer service.
Anna 2/9/2023


I’ve used this brilliant tool now for a year. At first, i couldn’t make any progress with it but after many many many practice nights, i found the right technic and now, it goes with me every where i go. Thank You!

E. Moksi
Finland 9/18/2022




 I have been using my Hickory Fire Piston that I purchased through your site for over ten years now and still love it. With a small tin of char cloth, the piston will produce embers for a lifetime if the way mine has held up is any indicator. Several friends in a small camping group I belong to purchased pistons after seeing how easily I was able to use mine to start our campfires. Theirs have held up as well as mine.

Thank you for making such a fine product, it is truly a blessing to have in a backpack!


Katherine L



Just received the campfire piston today. What a beautiful tool. On my second attempt it created a glowing ember ready to start a fire. I wasn’t aware of this product before I found camp fire piston and I’m glad I did. On my first try I didn’t produce an ember but didn’t have enough in the barrel on the second try I filled it but didn’t over fill it and just like magic the first stroke produced a glowing ember. Thanks for the great product and I’ll be ordering many more for gifts. Absolutely love this and recommend it to anyone who needs a consistent way to start a fire when in need.


David H
Norman Oklahoma


This is the best firestarter system I’ve ever used I had 10 year old children down at camp this weekend making fires with it I absolutely love this product I bought five of them and I’ll definitely be buying more

Michael G




My Hickory Fire Piston came in todays mail….   I just wanted to

let you know that I am truly impressed!! 

I am just an old retired warhorse firefighter wanting to get back into backpack camping.  Needless to say, I have tested my Fire Piston…  worked the first time!…. 


Paul V
Knoxville, TN 



Received my hickory fire piston on Thursday. I have looked for a good firepiston for some time. The campfirepiston consistently gets great reviews so I decided to try one.Wow does it work great. I got an ember the first try. Thank you for a great product.



Hello, I had bought a different fire piston and could not get it to work. Saw a youtube video of this one and decided to buy it and give it a try since it looked so good. I just got it today and first try got an ember. I love how easier your fire piston is to use and the o-ring (the other one I had is more of a rubber gasket type of thing that doesn't seat very well). I read though the directions and at the bottom it says if it won't work to clean out the cylinder. So far mine is working but what do you think is the best way to clean out the cylinder should I even need to?





Hi Mike!

Just wanted to write a thank you note to you for your super fast and friendly service…AND YOUR AWESOME FIRE PISTONS! I’m a teacher and a Scoutmaster, and not only do you make incredibly fun and reliable fire pistons, but to me they’re amazingly affordable, hand-made pieces of art! I bought my first one about three years ago. I use it all the time…Mainly just to teach others how cool and easy they are to use. This week I purchased four more to give my sons for Christmas presents. Your fire pistons promote wholesome recreational activities that they can share with their children one day. Your ease of purchase and super fast response to my questions are a class act. I would be happy to purchase more of these for friends and relatives in the future.

Thank you again,
Ken S.
Benson, AZ


Received my slam rod yesterday and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the product and was amazed at how quickly it arrived! I was so excited to get this I couldn’t wait to try it out! While it does take a little technique, I am happy to say that I was able to get a ember with in the first several tries…. One hilarious thing to add and maybe you should put a warning in the box for the brut ppl who think power is everything, my husband took it from me in an attempt to show me how it’s done he slammed the top down but did not hold on to the top and it shot off like a rocket hitting him in the forehead leaving him with a nice goose egg on his forehead, a bruised ego and a ember on his shirt I wish I would have filmed it.

But anyways, thank you so much for this well crafted survival tool ️ I’m so in love with it and can’t wait to show it off on our camp trip.

Jennifer G

I just want to tell you thank you for a wonderful product. I received one for Christmas and can say I have successfully made fire by myself.

Gilbert H
Bellingham, WA

I just got my aluminum fire piston and I love it! It’s small enough so fit in my fire kit tin and it’s very easy so use. I also very much appreciate the price! Thank you for selling such a fantastic product for a terrific price!

Sam A
Lafayette, LA

It took just four tries, and I got a nice coal. I love this thing! I will certainly recommend you to all I know.
fact that you make great fire pistons. Best of luck in all future endeavors.

Thank you,
Joe 4/4/2018

Just got your product today and it is awesome well made thank you very much keep up the good work
I am a survivalist and your product is the highest grade.. I teach survival classes and wilderness foraging. .
Top GRADE PRODUCT. I lit this in one try.. I kid you not…I salute you

Barry knights 1/10/2018

Hey. Was reluctant to buy the piston because the last one I ordered (not your make or model) I took on a 5 day survival canoe trip with 5 court ordered teenagers without testing it. We tried for the entirety of the trip to get it to work with no luck.. so naturally I tested yours right out of the package and I have to say I’m impressed… lubed the piston with a little oil from the side of my nose, inserted char cloth and first try I had an ember..! So thanks for making a legit product.. this will be with me on every excursion from this point forward.
Bruce 10/3/2017

Good day and thank you for the fire piston product! I tested it out and was successful both times to obtain a coal. I think it is very sturdy, quality tool for such a low price. Out here in Wyoming, I love to backpack and camp. I am always looking for new ways how to survive possible long term. I have successfully used a magnifying glass and flint/steel for fire making, but this tops it! I am placing this piece of gold in my pack to ALWAYS have with me where ever I go.

Thank you again for such a great, useful, inexpensive and long lasting fire making tool!

-Bradley 3/6/2017

I’m digging this fire piston! I had a merry blaze going in minutes with little effort. This is the best fire piston around in my opinion. The price is right, it looks good, feels nice in the hand, and is very smooth during use. No rough edges or hiccups anywhere. This is a must have item for any outdoorsman.

James G

I absolutely love the piston. I bought it for keeping in my go-bag, but now I need another one for the house – I light my woodstove with it pretty much every night. it makes me take the time to set it up right – which, after a day at work is just the distraction I need. very satisfying to light a fire this way. also – I am doing this with a very injured left hand. it is all about technique, just like your instructions say. Thanks for an awesome product!

Rob C

Thank you Mike, you have a great product and your customer service is the best I have had in a long time. Prompt responses to questions even after hours. Again thank you from the Webelos scouts in Pack 276




I got the wooden fire piston for Christmas this year. Half hour later I had a fire going using the piston. Very short learning curve. One hit – one ember every time. Awesome product, I highly recommend it.


Wilmington, DE


I would like to start this review by just saying what an absolute pleasure it has been, doing business with Campfire Pistons. The service has been outstanding alongside the friendly correspondence.

One thing I will say is the fire piston will not close with the o ring in position but it really is no problem to pinch it with your fingers and slide back into transit position then a simple rubber band holds it altogether. I like simplicity, if you prefer a case to put it in then go for it but the band works fine. You can also use the rubber band to help get your fire going in the wet so no problems there.

The quality of these fire pistons is outstanding, and I got an ember straight from the box which proves what quality this item is. Now I admit there are flash and fancy looking pistons out there and being a Bushcraft Instructor In the UK I have tried and tested many of them and have thrown many straight in the bin, if it don’t work it don’t matter what it looks like. I use fire pistons to give demonstrations during my courses when teaching compression fire, and I can honestly say, this is the best fire piston I have ever come across for functionality. Lets face it ‘It has to work’ and trust me when I say this, this campfire piston works well.

So Thank you Mike and your team I will definitely be back in touch

Carl A



Mintaka Bushcraft


This is my 1st experience with a fire piston. I bought the wood handled version, it has gotten some solid whacks on hard surfaces. It is Very durable!! The spare O rings and the amount of char cloth the piston came with were generous. Instructions for use and how to make more char cloth are clearly written, easy to follow. It only took me about a half hour of practice to get the hang of using it. I’m confident that I could use this to get a fire rolling in either a camping or a survival situation. Solid product, great customer service. Email response time was within minutes. Phenomenal . Very happy with my purchase and have already recommended to others. Thanks again
– Missy


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I like the CampFire Pistons I bought recently. I’m not sure which of the two fire pistons I like better. The Hickory Fire Piston looks great, and the wood provides a great grip for holding and striking. On the other hand I really like the aluminum piston for its handy size. It’s great for pocket carry, and even though it has a little less to hold – and pad my hand when I strike it – I’ve gotten an ember on the first strike almost every time I’ve tried it, so that’s not a problem. These are both great fire pistons!
I also bought a Hickory Fire Piston as a Christmas gift for my son-in-law; he’s since taken it on a camping trip and it really did the job. He loves his too.
Finally, kudos for your outstanding customer service; you were extremely helpful when I had questions and you really stand behind your product. Thank you for an excellent fire piston and first-class service. I’m a fan!


Fire Piston Review I just got my fire piston and it works great. I even used my own char cloth which tells me that I did that right as well. Nice product at a good price,

Thanks. Alvin

Fire Piston Review

I felt compelled to write a quick note to you about my Hickory Fire Piston I ordered.

You have quite possibly the easiest fire piston on the market. I opened the package and took it outside for a test run and after loading the piston cap with a small piece of char I plunged the piston and quickly pulled it out. The char has a nice pleasing glow on my first attempt. Even my wife who has no interest in fire making other than strike a match got the char alight on her first try.

Thank you and well done for making available a first class fire piston at a great price.

Malcolm 11/9/2014

I recently purchased a fire piston from you and I have to say it’s a damn fine product! I’ve purchased two other pistons in the past from different vendors and I had no luck. I was apprehensive about this one but I read the instructions as usual, loaded it up, and on the second plunge I had a coal! My hand didn’t hurt and I was able to get a fire going in the yard. I’ve played with it a few more times and I’ve had success each time. I just want to say thank you for creating a well priced, well machined product that I can add to my tools for bushcraft!
Thanks much,
Mike A
SSDD 8/5/2014

Received my order a few days ago, the $20 job made with oak, and the $15 piston, plus some tinder, etc. Tried my char cloth first (made with some sort of heavier cloth, not even sure what), no luck, so I put some of your char cloth in and presto, ember on first attempt! Have done it 5 more times to demonstrate, and gotten an ember every time on first shot. Beautiful little tool, and your prices are very reasonable. Can’t wait to try it out at my property and build a fire without any matches.
L. Lang
Louisville, KY

I wanted to let you know I received my two fire pistons today I could not wate to test them out .They are what I expected and more! I live in the Great Smoky Mountains my family and I love to camp and hike I always carry a flint and steel but think now my favorite fire tool is your fire piston. I will happily tell my friends about you and be a loyal customer. Once again

Thank You.

Greg .

Mike, I live in south/south-central Louisiana in an area called the Duck Capital of America, Gueydan, LA. It is rice, marsh, bayous, ducks, and geese and we love it. Sometimes we need a small fire and matches are just no fun. I have had glass pistons, plastic pistons, pipe pistons, you name it. None performed very well. Then there was you. What a machine you have! I am a physics/chemistry teacher and can appreciate the science behind the appliance but no one has mastered this art as you have. Thank you so much for your devotion to your art and to the survival of fellow man. I have already constructed a leather pouch for it. By the way, the curly birdseye maple perfectly matches my Sho-Bud Pedal Steel guitar. That alone, my friend, makes it a keeper.Respectfully yours,


MIKE !!!
You are amazing !
I just got your package, had been traveling.I am totally impressed and at a loss for words. Cannot wait to try THEM…
Wow, you certainly went far and above my expectations. Thank you and God Bless your business.

Just received my Fire Piston and can’t stop using it…it is awesome!
I am an Assistant Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop and I have been teaching our Scouts wilderness survival skills of the past few weeks which is leading up to a survival campout where they will be very limited on items they can take with them. I would like to know if you would be interested in pricing a quantity of Fire Pistons for us…say 20-25 of them. They would not have to have a finish on them, we could let each boy finish his own to personalize it. I just taught char cloth making last week, so we wouldn’t need any char cloth or jute, I guess the best way to ask is what price could you give us for an unfinished fire piston with two spare o-rings for each fire piston? I think the fire piston would make an excellent addition to their survival gear kit. Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.


Assistant Scoutmaster
Panama City, FL

Hey Mike,

I’m a Captain working in the Gulf of Mexico and I’m surrounded by a bunch of great guys who are avid fisherman, hunters, campers, hikers, and yes even survivalist. We spend
a lot of time together to the point we become like family. So exchanging gifts can be expensive and difficult to say the least. Being rugged individualist that they are and having just about every toy known to man. It’s hard to figure out what they can actually use or don’t have. Up until recently I had never seen one of your fire starters and the ones I’ve seen where priced as if they where made of precious metals. LOL, So when I came across yours , It’s became evident that I had found the solution to my dilemma. So why don’t you work up a price for 10 of them and get back with me and we’ll see about ordering more after the first order. The guys on the vessels, my hunting club and VFW will love to have one of these Gizmos. No Offense in the word, it’s just that I think their the best thing I’ve seen since sliced bread. Ha!